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General manager assistant

Main responsibilities

1. To be responsible for the general manager's daily administrative support, to assist in carrying out various tasks and handling daily affairs;

2. Be responsible for the general manager's schedule, meeting arrangement, important document management and approval process tracking;

3. Be responsible for or assist in organizing the meeting arrangements of the internal management of the company.

4. Assist General Manager in guest reception and meeting arrangement;

5. Be responsible for sorting out all kinds of information and documents of the leaders and classifying, keeping and filing them.

6. Assist the General Manager in arranging notifications of important meetings, such as regular meetings, temporary meetings, and so on. Make good arrangements for the minutes and summaries of meetings, and transmit and transmit them in a timely manner.

7. Assist the General Manager to complete the daily work of tracking, reporting, communication and coordination with departments, etc.

8. Personnel management in marketing, including attendance, performance appraisal, etc.

9. Be responsible for bidding work, collect national bidding information for medical devices and grasp the bidding trends of various regions; regularly maintain bidding information and update the system.


1. Bachelor degree or above, major in business administration, human resources management, administration, secretarial, Chinese, etc.

2. Strong sense of responsibility, strong ability to work independently, hard-working, team spirit, careful and methodical work;

3. Good reporting skills, skilled use of office software, including PPT, Word, Excel, etc.

4. Business experience in medical industry is preferred.

5. Good communication skills, strong communicative competence, standard and fluent Mandarin, good understanding, written and oral communication skills, able to translate leadership ideas into words and convey them;

6. Men and women are not limited. Excellent fresh graduates are also allowed.

Workplace: New Green City, No. 5000 Gongxin Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai

Working hours: Monday to Friday, 9-17:00

Electronic Engineer

Main responsibilities

1. Analyse the market and customer needs, and lead the planning and design of electronic systems for electric hand-held medical devices.

2. Designing the hardware architecture and scheme of the system, and designing the embedded software architecture, including the design of software codes of DSP and MCU.

3. Selection of electronic components and outsourcing suppliers;

4. Organize the planning and implementation of reliability and failure analysis in product development and production.

5. Formulate the test and validation scheme of the system and organize its implementation.

6. Compile relevant design documents and record R&D test data according to regulations.

7. Establish production process;

8. Responsible for the testing of medical electrical standards (EMC/IEC, etc.).

9. Provide support for clinical and registration of products.


1. Bachelor's degree or above, major in electronic technology or biomedical engineering;

2. Proficient in hardware circuit design and bottom software design, proficient in the bottom development of embedded systems such as PLC, ARM, DSP, etc.

3. Proficient in the use of PROTEL (DXP)/ORCAD/Altium Designer and other related tools, proficient in the selection of various electronic components;

4. Experience in product line construction, ability to analyze and deal with abnormalities of mass-produced products and improve them;

5. Familiar with product design process, able to arrange project schedule reasonably, control development and product manufacturing costs;

6. Strong hands-on ability, with the ability to solve problems independently.

Location: Wujin West Taihu Medical Industrial Park, Changzhou City

Working hours: Monday to Friday, 8:15-17


R&D Engineer

Main responsibilities

1. Cooperate with market department to study customer demand and analyze competitive products.

2. Design and develop new products under the guidance of R&D manager.

3. Supplier development and management;

4. Opening and tracking, improvement and acceptance of parts and components;

5. Compile relevant design documents and record R&D test data according to regulations.

6. Skillful use of mechanical drawing software, mechanical drawing.


1. Bachelor degree or above in mechanical manufacturing and automation, mechanical design and manufacturing;

2. Skilled in using mechanical design software, can use Creo or Solidworks software modeling, drawing, familiar with common office software;

3. Familiar with product design and development process, conscientious work, good learning ability and teamwork ability;

4. Strong hands-on ability, with the ability to solve problems independently;

5. Experience in medical industry is preferred.

Location: Wujin West Taihu Medical Industrial Park, Changzhou City

Working hours: Monday to Friday, 8:15-17

Mechanical Engineer

Job description

1. Responsible for technical support and process documentation of all products on site; tooling drawing and productivity evaluation of new products;

2. Technological status monitoring and assembly process of components to remind the quality precautions in production process and inspection;

3. Preparing assembly process flow charts, control plans, process specifications, inspection specifications, operation instructions, etc.

4. Under the guidance of the technical supervisor, complete the process test and optimization of the first, second and third categories of medical devices, and compile the technical documents.

5. Cooperate with other departments to complete product verification.

6. Responsible for solving and coordinating problems found in product development, trial production, testing, and continuous optimization and improvement of products, as well as the preparation of relevant technical documents for new products;

7. Assist superiors to complete tracking and verification of existing product structure improvement changes. ;

8. Follow up and guide the production and inspection of the first part of the product, and supervise the production process.

9. Follow up the production site to provide technical support for production.

Job requirements

1. Major in mechanical engineering (mechanical design and automation, mechatronics, etc.) with more than 2 years of technical experience in medical device industry;

2. Proficiency in mechanical drawing.

Location: Wujin West Taihu Medical Industrial Park, Changzhou City

Working hours: Monday to Friday, 8:15-17