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State Council: Four categories of medical devices will focus on Development

The plan proposes to accelerate the development of new generation of information technology, high-end manufacturing, biology, green low-carbon and digital creative industries during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, and to form five new pillars of national industrial development with output value of 10 trillion yuan.

Among them, the scale of biological industry will reach 8-10 trillion yuan by 2020, and one of the key contents of the development of this industry is medical devices.

"Planning" proposed to "enhance the level of development of biomedical engineering". Specifically include:

1. Deepening the integration development of biomedical engineering technology and information technology, speeding up the reform of industry regulation, actively developing new medical devices, constructing new diagnostic and therapeutic modes such as mobile medicine and telemedicine, promoting the development of intelligent medical industry, promoting the application of high-performance medical devices, promoting the research and development of new instruments and reagents adapted to the development of new technologies in life science, and upgrading China's biomedical engineering production. The overall competitiveness of the industry.

2. Develop intelligent mobile medical equipment.

Develop intelligent medical equipment and its software and supporting reagents, omni-directional telemedicine service platform and terminal equipment, develop mobile medical services, formulate relevant data standards, promote interconnection, and initially establish a modern intelligent medical service system with deep integration of information technology and biotechnology.

3. Develop high-performance medical equipment and core components.

Develop high-quality medical imaging equipment, advanced radiotherapy equipment, high-throughput low-cost gene sequencer, gene editing equipment, rehabilitation medical equipment and other medical equipment, greatly improving the stability and reliability of medical equipment.

New technologies such as material-added manufacturing are used to speed up the innovation and industrialization of tissue and organ repair and substitute materials and implantation of interventional medical devices.

We will accelerate the development of new products such as in vitro diagnostic instruments, equipment and reagents, promote the development of new technologies such as high specificity molecular diagnosis and biochip, and support rapid and accurate diagnosis and screening of tumors, genetic diseases and rare diseases in vitro.

As mentioned above, high-performance medical devices, 3D printing devices, IVD, wearable devices are included in the "Plan" and will become the key components of national pillar industries.

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